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*Design: Giugiaro* Power: 220 HP* Engine: n. 700018 – Matching number* Chassis: AM122 / A * 4038 ** Fuel: Petrol* Transmission: Manual 5 + RM* Drive: Rear-wheel Drive* Condition: Restored* Configuration: street* Number of seats: 2* Guide: left-hand drive* Documents: Regular* Certifications: Maserati certificate of origin n. 56/2018* Examples produced: 1,000 in the SS variantHistoryProduced from 1972 to 1982, the Maserati Merak represented the gauntlet launched by the Trident at Ferrari and Lamborghini on the elite sports market.Presented at the 1972 Paris Motor Show, the Merak was equipped with a V6 engine that Citroën would later also use for the SM (also known in Italy as Citroën-Maserati). As far as the design of the body is concerned, Maserati relies on Giorgetto Giugiaro, whose final project does not differ much from that of the Bora: the two models will in fact appear very similar.The Merak has an innovative rear volumetric distribution which, with a vertical rear window, cuts sharply the harmonic profile of the Bora. A pair of flying buttresses – the true characteristic note of the Merak – echoes the linear continuity of the ‘mother’ model, tracing the profile of the large rear glass.In the 1975 SS version, the engine power is implemented up to 220 hp and consequently also the maximum speed which on this version touches 240 km / h.The Maserati Merak was produced starting from 1972 and until 1983, the year in which it was definitively discontinued, with less than two thousand units produced in the various series.Despite a generally positive market trend, Merak fell victim to both the oil crisis of the early seventies, and the economic situation of Citroën, which in 1975, just four years after the acquisition of the Bolognese brand, asked for its liquidation.Our Maserati Merak SSThe car is presented in conditions of absolute excellence following the art restoration carried out in 2017, according to the factory specifications and with the aim of restoring the car to the new one, maintaining the originality of its parts.The interiors, completely restored according to the original specifications, are bright in the original Connoly white leather of the side panels and carefully quilted seats that give the whole a very refined look.The dashboard has been completely restored.The three-spoke steering wheel has been restored to new, as have the switches and the gear knob.The engine has been restored as in origin and many parts replaced, in full respect of the components of the house.A detailed report of the restoration operations is available on request.The detection of the car’s markings is regular and allows its univocal identification.The compression test of the engine is attested to 9.0: 1, which does not require interventions.The entire drain line has been overhauled and restored.The suspensions were disassembled and overhauled, while the underbody was restored to new and the tanks cleaned and sanitized.The car has been completely repainted in its original “Blue sera” color.It is possible to view the car by booking a call online with our commercial operator, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.


Prix du véhicule : 102 500€
Mise en circulation : 01/01/1970
Couleur : blu
Energie : Essence
Transmission : Manuel
Kilométrage : 78 164 km

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