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Engine: Rear Mid-Engine, supercharged with Abarth volumex compressorPower: 325 HPChassis: central car body, steel false-monocoque, front tubular framesDrive: Rear Wheel-Drive (RWD)Race VersionRegular documents and papersCertificate: Racing fiches with race checks carnetCars made: 200 in road legal version- One of the only 20 Lancia 037 in racing version in all the world- Chassis n°138, the car is totally original and perfectly well mantained- The carnet of the car n. B210 with the races timeline is availableThe Lancia 037, born from a collaboration with Pininfarina, Dallara and Abarth, is nothing more than an evolution of the 1974 Fiat Abarth 030.There are not a few bodywork elements in common with the car capable of winning three World Sports Championships between 1979 and 1981 in the “two-liter” category: the side windows, the windshield and the passenger compartment are identical. In practice, the central cell is the same while the anterior and posterior areas change. The road version of the Lancia 037 – produced in 200 units to obtain Group B homologation – was presented at the 1982 Turin Motor Show. The engine is a 2.0 four-cylinder derived from that of the Fiat 131 Abarth (five World Rally, two Pilots and three Manufacturers) capable of generating a power of 205 hp, making the car reach a top speed of 220 km / h and accelerating it from 0 to 100 km / h in less than seven seconds.The racing version, on the other hand, delivers 260 hp (up to 1000 Laghi 1982), a value that rises to 275/280 until 1983 (with the exception of Monte Carlo 1983 where it reaches 310 hp). In 1984 the displacement rose to 2.1 liters and the double-barrel carburetor was replaced by injection while the power oscillated between 325 and 330 hp, 350 in the 1985 season. The choice of adopting a volumetric compressor on the Lancia 037 proved to be spot on: this solution in fact eliminates the response delay typical of turbo units and offers better thrust at low revs, which is fundamental in rallies. The road behavior on low-grip surfaces is penalized by rear-wheel drive (less effective than the integral one) but on the asphalt the Piedmontese coupe is capable of offering incredible performance.The debut of the 037 in 1982 is not the best: the first race dates back to April in Costa Smeralda while the first success – with Markku Alén – comes in a minor race: the Pace Rally in Great Britain. The turning point for the Lancia 037 took place in 1983: this year the Turin sports car won the Constructors’ Championship (the last rear-wheel drive world champion ever) with a two-point advantage over the Audi. The credit goes to a series of surprising victories: a double in Monte Carlo with Walter Röhrl and Alén, four cars in the first four places at the Tour de Corse with Alén, Röhrl and Adartico Vudafieri on the podium, one-two Röhrl / Alén at the Acropolis, first and third place in New Zealand with Röhrl and Attilio Bettega and monopolized podium in Sanremo with Alén, Röhrl and Bettega.In 1984 the car benefited from numerous technical improvements, but the only world success (as well as the last) came at the Tour de Cors, and with the double by Alén, Biasion.1985 was a year to forget for Lancia, not only in terms of results (Biasion’s second place in Portugal was best placed). At the Tour de Corse Attilio Bettega loses his life in the fourth special stage when he loses control of his 037 and crashes into a tree.In 1986 – the last year in which the 037 took part in the races, the second place of Carlos Bica in Portugal was noted.Among the other non-world victories obtained by 037, the three consecutive European titles won between 1983 and 1985 by Miki Biasion, Carlo Capone and Dario Cerrato should not be forgotten.This Lancia 037 Rally EVO2, Chassis n°138, is perfectly original and well mantained as it was back in time, checked in all its little details and perfectly working.The car was modified in 1982 (with TO-Y42785 license plate) by Giuseppe Volta himself, Abarth’s partner in those years.In 1984 the car was purchased by Runfola (license plate, PA-7410859) who won with this car the Italian Trophy in 1985.In 1986 the car was purschased again (with TO-74539F license plate). The car raced until the 1988 and then it was used only for Historic Races or Meeting. From then the car has been regularly serviced and checked.The last owner of the car was Zivian, that kept the car until 2014 and made some work on it (clutch and rise).From then the car has only made te Lancia Legend in 2017. Zivian bought the car from Forghieri, in Reggio Emilia. Forghieri purchased the car from Arbizi in 2006, who kept the car from the 90s and he was the last one who used this Lancia 037 to race: from him the car has been only bought as a collectible car.The driver Antonio Runfola won the “Italiano Sud” in 1985 with this excact livery.- One of the only 20 Lancia 037 in racing version in all the world- Chassis n°138, the car is totally original and perfectly well mantained- The carnet of the car n. B210 with the races timeline is available- The racing interior of the car is well setup for both the driver and the copilot- All the dashboard and dials are made only for racing purpose- Leather Abarth two spoke steering wheelIt is possible to view the car online, booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.

1982 Lancia Rally 037

Prix du véhicule : NC
Mise en circulation : 1982
Couleur : Bianco
Transmission : Manuelle